Our products:

folding stalls


Folding stalls are our own product; they are made in our joiner's workshop. They are made from birch panels, all supplements are from pine wood. They offer a 2.30 m2 exhibition selling surface. The wood is protected with two layers of transparent varnish on the upper side and one layer on the lower side.








The pedestal of the stall is made from furniture tubes 25x25; the remaining binding material is 4mm flat steel. The pedestal is zincked. It is robust, very strong and qualitatively produced.









The dimension of the flat selling counter is 514x757x20mm, the height of the stall is 900 mm.











The dimension of the selling counter under the angle of 20⁰ or 35 ⁰ is 1514x757x15 mm.



You can add an additional shelf for depositing under the stall.


Assembly and disassembly is very quick and simple, without any tools. For the needs of storing and transporting you can fold the stall and it occupies a very little space.

Stalls are meant mainly for selling in open markets; however they can be also used for other opportunities: fairs, presentation days, culinary happenings, and tastings.