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The beginnings of our family enterprise reach into the year 1978 when we started with the production of small metal objects or some enterprises mainly in the nearby vicinity.

The amount of the work has been constantly enlarging and changing. The wishes and demands of our customers led to the change in 2007 when we expanded our production from metal also to wooden production.

In 2011 we expanded our production with the making of wooden attic stairs.

We have CNC machines for remodelling of metal, scissors for cutting metal, a classical lathe, eccentric presses, a milling machine, and other tools needed for metal working.

In the field of wood remodelling we have beside all machines needed for wood working a CNC machine that helps us in the process of making of wood for fire garnitures and attic stairs.

The greatest part of our production represents the production of folding fire garnitures with standard dimensions. We make also garnitures to order and wishes of our customers. Furthermore we produce children's garnitures, baskets or external arrangement of the surroundings, attic stairs, and other different products and constructions from metal and wood.

In future we wish to gain more customers in markets of the European Unity, and to become a supplier of metal and wooden products of our own production, and to be known as a reliable, loyal and qualitative partner.